CEO Carmen Phoenix & Founder Gerald Hodge a.k.a NOX

The Bad Candy Model Agency is an international model agency that was originally established as an Irish model agency in 2010 by Irish philanthropist and entrepreneur Gerald Hodge A.K.A NOX, who has always sought to fortify the community by creating platforms that provide more opportunities for people. The agency was created to represent, educate and increase the level of talented individuals who seek a higher notoriety in modelling, while helping them to expand their portfolios and establish themselves as public figures. Today, the Bad Candy Model Agency stands as Europe’s most prestigious model agency and the 5th most popular model agency in the world on Facebook.

The Bad Candy Model Agency offers an exclusive range of exotic super cars, luxurious limousines, VIP jets, planes, helicopters, lavish properties, both nationwide and internationally, for bookings, along with a wide variety of commercial, promo, fashion, glamour, alternative and fitness models. We also work alongside numerous television and film productions providing iconic prop vehicles and models for lead roles, movie extras, etc… We provide flexible promotional packages and creative advertisement solutions to cater for all events.

As active philanthropists, we use our movie vehicles to help support different charitable causes, purposes and events to raise awareness and help fund raise for various causes all over Ireland. We focus heavily on boot camps and youth / community workshops while discovering and developing the careers of many others across the world to date.

From 2010 to 2014 the Bad Candy brand grew in popularity due to numerous television appearances, fashion shows, ad campaigns, brand endorsements and today has become a household name, with a large fan base of over 193,000 followers, 200,000 likes, and a great reputation that can be seen on social media in the form of 1,600 5 star reviews from people all over the world.

In 2015, the founder of the Bad Candy Model Agency acquired ownership of the Marbella Model Agency, along with all trademarks and copyright, turning it into a sister agency. Within the first month of it’s relaunch, 46 new brands / clients from around the world chose the Marbella Model Agency for promotions, fashion shows and much much more. All pre-existing clientele stayed loyal to the name and had welcomed the revamp of the Marbella Model Agency, under the new banner of the Bad Candy brand.

In 2016, the Bad Candy Model Agency transformed from a national model agency into an international model agency, due to the high volume of international model applications received on a daily basis.

In 2017, due to it’s increasing notoriety, the Bad Candy Model Agency was invited to become a registered member of the I.M.A aka the International Model Association, to collaborate with other major international model management agencies around the world, by offering models the opportunity to receive dual / multi representation, by applying to not only one agency, but multiple affiliate agencies at the same time. Today, the Bad Candy Model Agency stands as the official representative of the Hollywood Model Agency, Paris Model Agency, UK Model Agency, New York Model Agency and Milan Model Agency, within Ireland and holds the exclusive right, to directly scout, sign and process models / talent on their behalf.

Late 2017, early 2018, the Bad Candy Model Agency acquired ownership of the Dubai Model Agency, along with all trademarks and copyright for an undisclosed amount. Although the Dubai Model Agency is only relatively new to the world of modelling, it has been quick to catch up due to it’s natural ability to attract the biggest fashion and cosmetic brands throughout the world. The Dubai Model Agency has always been renowned for meticulously selecting only those with the highest qualifications and decades of experience from around the world to be consultants, tutors, agents, managers and scouts, to ensure that the Dubai Model Agency not only stands shoulder to shoulder with it’s European counterparts, but offers the highest quality of service available throughout the world. The Bad Candy Brand, now owners of both the Dubai Model Agency and the Marbella Model Agency, have a combined M.D.O output of 257%, hold 3 board member positions and now occupy a third of the seats on the I.M.A Board.

The Bad Candy Model Agency offers aspiring models, both professional representation and the perfect platform to help establish themselves as a public figure. Our agency is one of few home grown Irish brands to become iconic and is seen as an exclusive haven for models, discovering and developing the careers of many talented individuals across the world to date. Apply to join the Bad Candy Model Agency by filling out and submitting one of our online application forms found (here).