Luxury Car Hire

We provide Luxury car hire for multiple booking purposes, from television/film productions, to music videos and photo shoots to personal driving experiences, we boast a vast selection of dream cars to choose from. Select your preferred vehicle from our wide variety of the most luxurious car manufacturers in the world, including such brands as, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many more.

Professional Model Hire

We supply a selection of male and female adult/children models from a diverse range of ethnicities. We have 6 unique categories of models which include, Alternative, Fashion, Fitness, Promotional, Glamour and Commercial. We also represent influencers who are allocated to the category which best suits their talent or specialty. All of our models are available for bookings, if you are interested in submitting a booking enquiry, simply contact us with the details of your booking and the model I.D number/s of the model/s you are interested in booking.

Professional Model Representation

We provide all of our models with professional representation, each of our models are provided with professional photo shoots in order to generate their very own online model portfolio. Our models’ online portfolios are available for all of our screened and approved clients to view for bookings. We act on behalf of our models as their Mother Agency to broker contracts between international agencies/model management companies to further promote and represent our models internationally.

Studio Photography

Our professional photographic studios can be used for many aspects of photography. From personal, portfolio or family photo shoots to corporate profiles and product shots, we offer multiple background styles, chroma key/green screen backdrops, unique lighting techniques, professional hair styling/makeup application and professional retouch/editing services to name but a few.

On Location Photography

Our professional on location photography can cater for personal photo shoots in your home or desired location, for families, children or on location modelling photo shoots. We can also capture your business or property at it’s finest for online advertisement or website purposes.

TV and Film Production

The Bad Candy Model Agency offers clients a wide range of actors, actresses, movie extras, luxury vehicles, movie vehicles, prop vehicles, promotional vehicles, mascots, movie props, stunt rigs, equine stunts, stunt props, professional stunt men/women as well as a wide range of private luxury jets, helicopters and top spec 4k filming drones for personal/production hire, or for additional services such as promotional/advertisement purposes, film productions, TV commercials, photo shoots and much more.

Brand Ambassadors & Representatives

We can help source and locate the ultimate ambassadors and representatives that will act as key examples of what your company offers. These individuals can boost your company’s/product’s/brand’s morale, whether you specialise in cosmetics, fashion, nutrition, nightlife, health/fitness etc… Find that person (or people) who match your criteria and embody what you aim to sell, you can measure your interest in potential candidates by reviewing their online reach via social media, which can prove very rewarding when individuals are popular and have a strong online presence in order to influence followers.

Fashion Shows

We supply a selection of male and female adult/children models from a diverse range of ethnicities. Whether you need runway models, fitness models, alternative models or any genre in between, we will supply you with your desired models to showcase your designs centre stage on the catwalk.

Staging & Equipment

When hosting an event, it is vital not to overlook key elements such as lighting, sound equipment, staging, pipe and drape, flooring, seating etc… These extras can be hard to arrange, especially without being familiar with industry professionals. We can help bring your event to life by supplying you with a variety of staging, equipment and decor options, all in one place.

Event Promotion

We boast a highly dedicated promotional team, no matter how big your event, our promotional team have it covered. Our team includes our street team, a group of fun, friendly and confident models, who will distribute your promotional paperwork such as flyers/vouchers etc.., they will make sure to let passers by know your event is the “place to be”. Online event management will take full advantage of what your social media sites have to offer, using strategic techniques to boost your online interaction with present and potential clients/customers regarding your event. We also provide a host of performers who will capture passer bys’ attention, drawing them toward your event.

Street Team & Representatives

Our representatives dedicate themselves to making as many people aware of your business or event as they possibly can. Furnish our reps with your promotional wear, flyers, invites, passes etc.. and watch them spread the word, they will travel to key areas with potential guests in order to boost your business’ footfall.


Our performers will bring your event to a whole new level. Our movie characters, fire breathers, dancers, musicians and gymnasts will mesmerise your guests and give them an event to remember.

Hosts & Hostesses

Our hosts and hostesses interact with the crowd/audience to keep the party upbeat or keep the club smooth and relaxed, depending on your event, our hosts and hostesses will match the mood. Our hosts and hostesses will cater for your culinary fancies and drink preferences. They aim to keep you satisfied and relaxed. Sit back and enjoy your food and beverages being served with the highest regard.

VIP Parties

If you are looking for the perfect blend of nightlife entertainment and exclusivity but would also like to maintain your party’s privacy, skip the queues and the crowds by using our services to secure your VIP party. Keep your guests satisfied in one of our lavish VIP areas throughout countless nightlife venues across Ireland. For our select clients, we can cater for your special requests, personalised drink menus and party themes available. Your guest list will be strictly by invitation only.

Celebrity Appearances

Host the ultimate VIP event/party by having a star guest attend. From TV personalities, to musicians and actors. Let us know who you would love to make a special guest appearance and we will source a quote price for you.

Event Photographers / Videographers

Capture your moment in time by hiring one of our professional photographers/videographers. Depending on your desired project or purpose for booking, we cater for corporate visuals/advertisements, personal and company photo shoots, wedding videos/photography, music videos and all other purposes.

Online Marketing & Advertisement

Our team has many years of experience analysing the ever evolving techniques of online marketing and advertising. With the many new applications and websites being introduced daily, it can be difficult to stay relevant and up to date with your company’s/event’s online interest. This is why it proves best to let professional web technicians manage your online presence for a more rewarding outcome.

Sponsorship & Investments

We sponsor occasions such as red carpet events, V.I.P parties, business launches, venue launches, fashion shows, season opening parties, concerts etc… We also invest funding towards upcoming business ventures, entrepreneurs, partnership deals etc… If you would be interested in being evaluated for an investment or would like your event sponsored by the Bad Candy Model Agency, feel free to contact us via email:

Affiliates Programme

Our affiliates programme is a long term, mutually beneficial relationship we hold with external companies and businesses who provide services outside our sole expertise. We have affiliates from many independent trades and professions in which we work hand in hand with. If you would be interested in becoming an affiliate of the Bad Candy Model Agency, feel free to contact us via email:


By hiring your own security, you can be assured you are in safe, secure hands who constantly have your best interest at heart. We cater for all types of personal security, paying close attention to your likes and dislikes while interacting with the public. We also oversee events, functions and parties, ensuring only your preferred invitees will be enjoying your VIP amenities, secluding all others from your vicinity.


Browse our selection of professional chauffeurs providing a high standard, discreet and VIP service. Our chauffeurs can cater for all of your requirements, covering all aspects of chauffeur driving from airport transfer, corporate travel, private driver to chauffeur tours. We also provide a personalised chauffeur experience. Special requests such as champagne, snacks, fruit or whatever you desire can be supplied on demand, we will arrive fully prepared for your journey.

Luxury Property

If you would like to have an extraordinary stay in Ireland second to none, view our extensive online portfolio of exclusive luxury property for hire. From countryside mansions equipped with endless views of mountainous landscapes to luxury penthouse apartments in the heart of the city, overlooking ambient city lights and bustling nightlife. We will have the dream accommodation for you. We provide these properties for a wide range of purposes, from personal hire, to additional services such as promotional/advertisement purposes, film productions, movie sets, TV commercials, photo shoots and much more.

Private Helicopters

If you’re not travelling too far, if you’d simply just like to have a bird’s eye view/tour of the Ireland’s cascading emerald fields or our popular capital cities, we have a wide range of luxurious private helicopters to suit your needs. We can even provide helicopter flying lessons for a pilot experience not to forget.

Private Jets

Escape the hustle and bustle of flying commercially and indulge in the lavish comfort of a private jet. Whether you’re travelling on your own or with a large entourage and would rather travel in high class privacy, we can provide you with the perfect aircraft to get you to your next desired location.